PhenQ Review – A Powerful Fat Burner For Weight Loss?

PhenQ Review
PhenQ Review

Product Name: PhenQ

Product Description: Are you ready to take your weight and fat loss diet up to the next level?

PhenQ is here and is a powerful fat burner that will help you with everything from burning fat, suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels.

All needed for a successful weight loss diet!

Price: One Bottle 69.95 but you can get it as low as 37.99

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PhenQ Review Summary

Our overall verdict!

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  • Get more than one or two benefits
  • A unique selection of ingredients
  • Buy more and get great savings
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Good company reputation
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Helpful customer support
  • Free and fast shipping, worldwide


  • No FDA evaluation
  • One bottle is pricy
  • A diet is likely necessary
  • Not available locally

Can PhenQ weight loss supplement and alternative to Phentermine really make you lose weight and get you skinny?

It is a question many dieters are asking due to the increasing popularity of this fat burner we see these years!

Because of this popularity and positive reviews, it is worth taking a closer look at PhenQ to see if this is a supplement that can make you lose weight!

In this PhenQ review, you are going to learn more about how it works, the benefits, and ingredients. At the same time, we will try to answer some of the many questions you might have regarding this fat burner.


Remember, PhenQ are in many ways a multi-weightloss supplement that not only will give you one of two benefits, like most fat burners, because the ingredients are so widespread, but you can also expect quite a few benefits from using this fat burner.

  • Stop the conversion of carbohydrates turning into body fat
  • Make your body increase its fat burning capabilities
  • Increase metabolism with a unique new approach
  • Create a thermogenic effect where your body will melt body fat
  • Suppress appetite and maintain portion control
  • Be able to manage cravings for sugar and sweets
  • Improve your energy levels, focus, and concentration
  • Be on a diet without getting into a bad mood

Taiylah PhenQ Weight Loss

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How PhenQ Will Make You Lose Weight

According to the makers of PhenQ, you will here have a powerful weight loss supplement in your hands that will help you lose weight in different ways.

Stop The Conversion Of Carbohydrates Into Fat

One of the most tricky parts of going on a diet to lose weight is to stop the conversion of carbohydrates turning into body fat. It is a process that usually happens when we get too many of them from our diet and our snacks.

For most of us, it can be quite challenging to find the exact amount of carbohydrates we can handle before they are turning into body fat.

So, instead, it is much better than we limit this conversion as much as possible. Ingredients in Phen Q, which we will talk about later, will help you with that.

Make Your Body Burn More Fat

Your body’s ability to burn fat coming from your body and your diet into pure energy can be that issue that makes your diet success or a failure. How can we lose weight if you are not able to burn off our body fat, by burning muscles instead? Not a good idea!

With PhenQ you will get ingredients that will improve your fat burn down to a cellular level, where body’s cells will do the job for you instead you having to spend hours on a treadmill.

Increase Your Metabolism

Your metabolism may be the most important weight loss tool you have at your disposal. A high metabolism will make you appear skinny, naturally. A low metabolism, and you will keep build body fat on your stomach, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

So by all means, we must increase our metabolism to create a permanent weight loss.

Most supplements out there claim that they have metabolism boosting ingredients, but often it is just caffeine or similar, which is more about your levels of energy.

PhenQ is what we can call a true metabolism booster thanks to its useful and branded α-Lacys Reset® system that will increase your metabolism with a new approach. See our ingredients section for more on this.

Create A Thermogenic Effect

Creating thermogenic effects means that you literally will start to melt away body fat, by improving your body’s fat burning capabilities with one more fat burning approach.

It is not all weight loss supplements that are born with this ability. The ones that do, for sure stands out, like Phen Q.

Suppress Your Appetite

Yes sure, it all sounds good, that you can improve your body’s fat burn, improve your metabolism, and melt away fat. But if you are right back at the dinner table an hour later, it will all be wasted.

It is why you with PhenQ will be able to suppress your appetite. It means you will feel full and satisfied much faster and you will stop these frustrating cravings for sweets.

Raise Your Energy Levels

Increasing your levels of energy is basically what every fat burner does. However, PhenQ does this as well, together with all the other benefits you are getting.


Let’s have a look at some of the ingredients you are getting and how they can help you.

α-Lacys Reset®

α-Lacys Reset® scientif studies graphs

Here is the component that makes PhenQ unique. It is patented and a branded ingredient that consists of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Cysteine.

a-Lacys Reset increases your metabolism and your fat burn so you will be burning more calories throughout the day.

Pay close attention to a-Lacys Reset if you like to workout because it modulates reduction and oxidation of free radicals. These are toxins that prevent you from burning fat and put you in a catabolic state after a training session.

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax is a great ingredient to get because it gives you what many supplements are lacking, a thermogenic effect where you raise your body’s core temperature, and that way will start burning more fat. At the same time, it may also help you to stop the formation of new fat cells.

Capsimax is a combination of piperine, caffeine, and niacin. The effect is very similar to when you start feeling warm after having a spicy meal.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a great ingredient to get when you want to get some control over your daily cravings for sugar. It merely helps your cells to take in as much of it as possible. In return, your cravings for sweets will start to disappear.

With Chromium Picolinate, you will also be able to get better control of your blood sugar levels making it easier to lose weight.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

Or just L-Carnitine, a trendy weight loss ingredient that is found in many different supplements. It works by converting your stored fat into pure energy your body can burn as calories. It is a process that will happen within the mitochondria of your cells, no matter if you exercise or not.

If you do like to workout, L-Carnitine will also improve your energy levels and make sure you have enough of it for a long training session.


Suppressing your appetite is a very effective way to promote a fat loss. It will make it possible for you to eat less without feeling hungry and without having to circle your refrigerator.

Nopal is originally a cactus that is very high in fibers, and even a small dose of it will help you to suppress your appetite and feel full and satisfied.

Another benefit Nopal will give you is that it will drive out water from your body and that way gives you a significant weight loss. It is a benefit you will like a lot if you want to build lean muscles and get a dry look.


A more magnificent presentation is not needed. It is the most popular stimulant in the world, and it will increase your levels of energy. At the same time, you will improve your focus, alertness, and levels of concentration.

PhenQ An Alternative To Phentermine (Adipex)?

PhenQ a serious alternative to Phentermine?

You probably know that Phentermine, also called Adipex can be a very effective prescription weight loss drug. It can help you to get rid of body fat and get you skinny in no time.

But, it is also a prescription with severe side effects, such as heart diseases, hardening of your arteries: Uncontrolled high blood pressure, addiction and other side effects.

Users of Phentermine tend to lose weight very fast, but will also gain the weight back on again, primarily if they haven’t used a diet plan and a follow-up plan on their diet.

Because it is highly addictive, you might end up in a spiral of yo-yo dieting using Phentermine. Each time you will dramatically increase the chances of severe side effects.

The last you want is to switch food addiction to Phentermine addiction.


PhenQ is designed to mimic Phentermine the best possible way and without giving you any severe side effects.

Because supplement also boosts your metabolism, it will be easier for you to maintain your weight after finishing your diet.

Since it is all-natural it is not quite as strong as Phentermine; it is recommended to follow a healthy diet and perhaps exercising. Combining all this will give you a permanent weight loss that will make you happy. You will not end up yo-yo dieting because you didn’t diet the right way.

Remember, you don’t need a prescription to get started using PhenQ.

Combining PhenQ With Your Muscle Building?

Since we are a muscle building site mainly for women, it is vital that we answer this question!

Is PhenQ an effective fat burner if you like to workout and build lean muscles and strength?

First, to get good results using Phen Q a healthy diet is recommended, not a low-calorie diet. It means that you with great success can combine either your high-protein or Keto diet with the use of PhenQ

It will not have any negative impact on your muscle building.

Als0 keep in mind, PhenQ also comes with a couple of ingredients that will help you with your muscle building, like L-Carnitine, Caffeine, and Chromium Picolinate.

Many users are reporting increased levels of energy for a more intense workout when using this fat burner.

PhenQ Without Exercise

You don’t have to go to the gym or exercise, using PhenQ. Perhaps you are in a situation where you are not able to exercise. As long as you take care of your diet, you will get some help using this weight loss supplement.

Remember, you don’t have to be in a constipated gym six days a week just because you want to lose weight. A three-weekly fitness routine and daily walking can be just as effective.

Use PhenQ Together With The Keto Diet

You can with great benefits use PhenQ together with the Keto diet. Combining these two can give you a greater fat burn and speed up your weight loss.

But remember, not more than 5% of your diet must come from carbohydrates. PhenQ will not give you any shortcuts on this matter; you will still have to eat Keto friendly meals.

To get your body into ketosis as fast as possible and stay there, you might want to consider combining PhenQ with Keto Ultra Diet.

Nicola's PhenQ weight loss

FAQ- Common Questions And Answers

Let’s see if we can answer some of the more common questions you may have regarding using PhenQ for your diet.

Remember, if you have a question you cannot find the answer for, you can always ask in our comment section.

How To Take PhenQ?

Take your first capsule in the mornings right before your breakfast with a big glass of water. Next, take your second capsule around lunch again with a big glass of water.

Since PhenQ contains caffeine and other energy boosting ingredients you may find it hard to sleep at night if you take your PhenQ capsules after 3 pm.

What If I Am Sensitive To Caffeine?

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you can either lower your daily intake of coffee, tea, or energy drinks. If you are not having any of these, then try just to take one capsule of PhenQ in the mornings.

Can I Break The Capsules And Mix The Content With Water?

Yeah I know, it can be quite hard to swallow capsules, especially if you have a long diet ahead of you. So yes, you can break the tablets and let them dissolve in a glass of water. Just make sure to get the whole content.

How Many Bottles Do I Need?

One bottle is equal to a month supply, which on average will give you a 2lbs weight loss weekly. So if you want to lose 16 to 20lbs, then count on two or three bottles. Remember there are significant savings when buying PhenQ in bulk.

How Long Can I Take PhenQ?

You can take PhenQ as long as you want until you have reached your desired weight. However, I recommend you to take a break after four months for between 10 to 14 days.  More to reset your body, and your metabolism, so your body doesn’t get used to your daily PhenQ capsules.

Can Both Men and Women Use PhenQ?

Yes, everyone can use PhenQ to help them lose weight.

What If I Am Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

In that case wait, until you have finished breastfeed and instead make an all in, effort, getting back into shape.

Your child will need nutrients, so there are no reasons to let PhenQ burn them off.

What If I Take Medicine?

If you take any medications or have a condition, you must talk to your doctor first. But you don’t need a prescription to get started using PhenQ.

In Which Countries Can I Get PhenQ?

PhenQ is available worldwide. It will get shipped to you from either the United States, United Kingdom, or Germany.

How Do I Pay?

When buying your PhenQ capsules, your payment methods can either be Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Online you can also use Skrill.

What About Discounts?

There are plenty of discounts available if you decide to buy in bulk. Check out the official PhenQ website for more information.

Any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. You have 67 days from where you bought your PhenQ capsules. Remember shipping expenses are excluded.

PhenQ User Reviews

Let’s have a quick look at a couple of PhenQ users testimonials and see what they are saying about their experience.

Taiylah User Review – She Lost 44 Lbs In Just 3 Months

Taiylah went through a fantastic transformation thanks to motivation, consistency, a healthy diet, exercise, and PhenQ

Taiylah before and after using PhenQ

“People thought I couldn’t do it but I lose 44lbs in 3 months pairing my healthy diet and exercise with PhenQ”


Axelle Lost 9 Lbs In Just 1 Month

Notice the area around her stomach, it is much flatter and with fewer love handles.

Axelle before and after using PhenQ

“PhenQ helped me achievemy goals of losing belly fat and love handles as well as improve my body shape”


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PhenQ Review

So what I think about PhenQ? Is it worth it? Can it help you lose weight?

Does PhenQ Work?

If you just decide to buy the PhenQ capsules and then else do nothing, you are likely not going to lose any weight.

To get the best results using it you must combine it with a healthy diet and exercising. It is very beneficial for those of you who like going to the gym for cardio and muscle building.

PhenQ does come with quite a few ingredients. Many of the claims the company behind are supported by scientific studies.

But, don’t expect to lose 30 pounds in a month. Between 2 or 3 three pounds weekly are more realistic and healthier.

Can PhenQ Really Make You Lose Weight?

As with anything in life, there are never any bulletproof guarantees that you will be losing weight. Keep in mind, there are many different factors that play a part here.

But using PhenQ as your preferred weight loss supplement, you will increase your chances.

Remember, PhenQ is a fat burner that will target your weight loss from different angles. When it works on increasing your metabolism, it will at the same time suppress your appetite. Your chances of losing weight increases.

How Effective Is PhenQ?

If you just decide to swallow your daily capsules without taking care of your diet, PhenQ will not be that effective. But if you make an active part in your diet and get started eating healthy, PhenQ can become a quite useful companion.

It is like, the more you take part in your diet, the more effective PhenQ will become.

How To Buy PhenQ

You are going to waste your time if you are going to look for PhenQ in any stores, like Walmart, or GNC. If you instead want to go online and look for it at Amazon, or eBay, you are unfortunately also going to waste your time, unless you end up buying something you wanted to for a long time, of course.

If you want to buy PhenQ, you will have to do it from the official PhenQ website. But it is actually much better for several reasons.

Why? Because you will

  • Get access to significant savings when buying in bulk
  • Have free shipping costs worldwide
  • You will get ten nutrition and training guides to accelerate your weight loss
  • Be 100% sure that your supplement is genuine
  • Have to access to top professional customer support

And remember, PhenQ ships from different countries so you will receive your package fast.

If you want to learn more about how to get started, click on the link below.

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buy PhenQ today and get started losing weight


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